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The alpaca advantage: Benefits of alpaca wool

The use of alpaca fibre in textiles began around 2500 B.C. in ancient Peru. Due to its luxurious softness, alpaca fibre was exclusive for Incan royalties and considered as “the fibre of the gods”. Today, alpaca is still known as one of the finest natural fibres worldwide and plays an integral role in the textile industry, thanks to its unique qualities. Alpaca fleece can be softer than cashmere and warmer than wool. The physical characteristics of alpaca fibre, such as its array of colours, structure and durability, make it possible to create garments of an exceptionally fine quality, lustre and drape, properties difficult to imitate for any other fibre.

Why alpaca is a great choice:

  • Exceptionally soft feel: Alpaca fleece has no lanolin and a very low prickle factor, which complies with comfortable wear and smooth.

  • Warmth without weight: Alpaca fibre promotes a tremendously light, airy feeling and due to its greater insulating capacity, its lighter and warmer than sheep’s wool.

  • High elasticity and strength: Alpaca fleece is highly elastic and strong, in comparison with sheep’s wool.

  • Natural colours: Alpacas produce fleece in up to 22 natural colours, ranging from white to black, which reduces the need for chemical dying processes. 

  • Hypoallergenic: As alpaca fibre has a lack of lanolin, it is hypoallergenic, which makes it an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies. Lanolin in sheep’s wool often causes allergic reactions, resulting in discomfort.

  • All-weather friendly: Alpaca has a natural thermal regulatory feature which keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. 


  • Naturally windproof: The structure of alpaca fibre allows to cut down wind. It also resists stains and acquired odours.


  • Flame resistant: The fibre will not burn unless in direct contact with a flame. Plus, alpaca does not melt onto the skin as synthetics fibres do.

  • Less shrinkage and wrinkle resistant: Alpaca comes with a lower tendency to shrink, is more resilient and wrinkle resistant than cashmere.

  • Water repellence: Garments made of alpaca readily absorb moisture from the environment and remain comfortable even when.


  • High durability: The strength, density and curvature of the alpaca fibre make alpaca garments very resistant to wear. With proper care, garments are virtually indestructible and can be worn for years.


  • Eco-friendly: Alpacas are considered as “green” animals, because of their efficient eating habits, which result in greatly reduced water and acreage needs in relation to other livestock. Once an alpaca has been shorn no harsh chemicals are needed to process the fibre, due to its lack of lanolin.

Alpaca is unlike any other fibre you have ever worn or seen. If you are looking for high quality, environmentally sound products made from a naturally resource, alpaca fibre fits the bill. The softness and lustre make any alpaca garment a treasure you will adore for years.